How to play

User's Guide

There are hundreds of different Porians for players to collect, train, trade, and fight with. In the Poriverse, anything is possible. You will create your unique powerful party, enjoy every moment and earn tokens (RIKEN or RIGY) in the endless Poriverse. Don’t hesitate to join today!

Build Your Team

There are 7 Porian species that players could get by joining our pre-order events or buying them on the marketplace later. Build your team and start your adventure right now!

Find Treasures

Players will explore the vast colorful world of PORI and find hidden treasures through our exciting adventures. Rewards can be achieved after finishing a sequence of in-game activities. Be active and you will earn!
• Adventures in the Poriverse take place in 3x3 squares.
• In each adventure, there are 5 stages that take players 3 or more hours to finish.
• Each square contains different unexpected reward schemes.

Enjoy and Earn

Players will enjoy every in-game moment by completing quests as the main storyline progresses. You will compete with other players in fierce battles, participate in the games’ activities to earn money and have a lot of great fun throughout our adventures.
Each adventure has 9 different treasures to discover.
Players could earn tokens (RIKEN or RIGY) and special rewards from the very first chapter of the Game. We have 2 types of missions for Adventures in Chapter 1: Explore Mission and Assist Mission. Players could start the missions with 3 or more Porians in their Inventory. In each adventure, there are 9 different treasures to discover.
Each adventure includes 5 steps:
  • Step 1: Explorers could choose 3 Porians from their Inventory to reveal 3 treasures and if lucky, they can get S-Treasure box (with a lot of tokens, valuable fragments and resources)
  • Step 2: Assistants could choose 3 Porians from their Inventory to open another 3 treasure boxes
  • Step 3: Explorers could choose 1 more Porian to fortify the exploration, and open 1 more treasure box
  • Step 4: Assistants could choose 1 more Porian to fortify their force and open the last treasure box
  • Step 5: After A-fortify is complete, the Explorer and Assistant team can start the S-Battle State if each team has placed 4 Porians on the Mission
In the S-Battle state, players can:
  • Swap up to 2 Porians to send them into the S-Treasure box
  • Swap Porians from inside the S-Treasure box square with Porians outside the square
  • Place Porians from outside the S-Treasure box square into the square
  • Assistants and Explorers can continue to play in the S-Battle state until it is time to collect your rewards
However, players cannot:
  • Place Porians within the S-Treasure box square into a square that is empty
  • Swap Porians in Missions with Porians in PoriHall
  • Step 6: Collection of Rewards
    • Both the Explorer and Assistant team has a chance to win the Seed of Youth
    • The winner of the mission has the chance to get Fragments