Chapter 3: The Poriverse

Having Mystery Gems with the Lost Porian, users would be ready to battle in the greatest fight (PVE, PVP) in this Main Gameplay.
Chapter 3: The Poriverse
This is our main gameplay with lots of features. Having Mysterious Gems with the Lost Porians, users would be ready to fight in the greatest battle (PVE, PVP) in this main gameplay.
After collecting Porians to build your team and understand the characteristics of each team member, you start entering the main game – the official battle where you can unleash the power of rainbow infinity to fight and win plenty of special rewards.
The difference between this chapter and the previous ones, in which you enter a default environment, is that in this chapter, you can enter a variety of environment lands.
Chapter 3.1: The Poriverse - Rainbow Infinity
Explore the Poriverse with lots of new elemental zones, bosses, and items to level up Porians with plenty of skills.
Chapter 3.2: The Poriverse - Dark Mist: World Boss appears
Participate in many time-limited events and PVP and face the World Boss.
Chapter 3.3: The Poriverse - Blessing from Heaven
Unlock new Items and Championship