Getting Started

Step 1: Install and set up Metamask
Go to: https://metamask.io/download/ Add Polyon (MATIC network) to your Metamask
Step 2: Buy RIGY on KyberSwap Go to KyberSwap (link)
· Trading pairs: MATIC / RIGY (If you have USDT, choose USDT / RIGY)
· Contract address: 0x9F994e2783b44C83204377589854A17c6b0c226d
· Contract Pool: 0x228f77326875c4f0049f3c17510fad59a572673e
Step 3: Connect your Metamask wallet with Poriverse
Step 4: Buy 3-4 Porians in the marketplace [How to buy section]
Step 5: Start playing

Start Adventures

Introduce about Gameplay
Some features for you to earn HIGHER AND FASTER ROI:

· Rainbow Portal Express: save 60 minutes for a mission

· Explorer strike back (ESB): gives an explorer team to have a chance to win an assistant team in the fight for S-treasure.