Installing Prerequisites

1. Install Metamask on Chrome/Firefox
To install Metamask, you can go to their website https://metamask.io/
Click download and add Metamask extension to your web browser
2. Add Polygon to your Metamask
To add Polygon to your Metamask,
2.1. Click on the network dropdown box on the top bar of your Metamask
2.2. Click Add Network
2.3. A new tab will open and you would need to input the following details to add Polygon to your Metamask. Press Save when done
2.4. When you press save, Polygon should appear in the list of networks in your Metamask drop down box.
3. Add Porichain to your Metamask
To add Porichain to your Metamask, follow step 2.1 and 2.2 from above
When you reach step 2.3, input the following details as shown below
Porichain should be displayed in your list of networks in your Metamask
When you have set up your wallet, you can migrate your assets from Polygon to Porichain!