Add Porichain to your Metamask
To add Porichain to your Metamask,
  1. 1.
    Click on the network dropdown box on the top bar of your Metamask
2. Click Add Network
3. Input the following details as shown below
Porichain should be displayed in your list of networks in your Metamask
The RIKEN contract address is: 0x57DF4ACC269e5F04be0f6e4d5b26d9467b71706e
The WrappedRigy contract address is: 0xa31D195021dDb415E3937E5f846408b02A9d8419
The contract address for Items (Fragments and Seed of Youth): 0xA5e16E6bac094c1B38c64d3e0590c3b42f78e669
The contract address for Porichain Bridge is: 0x9D2e1C2244A9A8124B2d46d0fe151e4Ac9c3fC3A