Poriverse Telegram Notification Bot

This Telegram bot will notify you when opponents do their steps in-game, when you can claim your mission and when players buy/rent your Porians and items
To start,
  1. 1.
    Open you Telegram application
  2. 2.
    Search for @poriverse_noti_bot on Telegram
3. Start Bot
4. There are a list of commands you can do. Start by /register to register your account with your wallet address after the command.
5. Once you have successfully registered your wallet address, you would start receiving notifications when you
  • Start Exploring/Assisting a Mission
  • Your Mission has been assisted by an Assistant team
  • When you E-Fortify or the mission has been E-fortified
  • When the mission has been A-fortified or when you A-fortify
  • When you can claim your Mission
  • When you have sold or leased out your Porians or Items on the marketplace


  • If you use the /unregister, /on, /off command without specifying which wallet address you want to unregister/on notifications/off notifications for, the bot will unregister/on notifications/off notifications for all wallet addresses that were previously registered
  • 1 Telegram account can register more than 1 wallet address
  • 1 wallet address can be registered by more than 1 Telegram account
  • The Telegram bot is free to use for all players but in the future, you would need to hold RIKEN in your wallet to use the bot.