DNA Details

At the heart of breeding, it is the mechanism to mix DNAs of Porian parents into the DNA of their child. The DNA of each Porian consists of 64 genes. So far, only 28 of them are known by the smartest Porian mages. These 28 genes determine 7 parts of a Porian (e.g. head, face, body, arm, leg, tail, and accessory). Each part is derived from 4 genes, 1 dominant and 3 recessive.
During the breeding process, DNAs of parents are broken into individual genes. A child will randomly inherit genes from either its mom or dad. The inherited genes are reconstructed to form up the child's DNA. Under some circumstances, mutation might happen. Genes in each body part could be permuted given a probability distribution function. Two kinds of mutation have been researched thus far: 1. Permutation mutation: genes swap their positions, dominant genes could become recessive and vice versa. 2. Cross-gene mutation: parents' genes break into smaller pieces and combine randomly to form up new genes. As a result, a child may have body parts like neither its mom nor dad.