Porian Hidden Power

The Hidden Power in Porians will be triggered when a Porian's parts fulfil the special conditions. A Porian has only 1 Hidden Power at a time. A Porian gets the highest level of Hidden Power when they fulfil multiple Hidden Power Conditions
There are 5 Hidden Power Levels in Porians:
  • 1.ANCESTOR The root of the descent line, the First Gene of the Porian Genealogy
    Condition: There are only 49 ANCESTORS (ID: 1 - 49) in Poriverse
    Power Bonus: All Attributes +21%
  • 2.CHIEFTAIN The Chief of the clan that inherited full genetic traits from the Ancestor
    Condition: Chieftain has the same species parts with Ancestors
    Power Bonus: All Attributes +16%
    Condition: A Porian with 7 different types of power
    Power Bonus: All Attributes +7%
    Condition: When Porians have all the parts in the same species.
    Power Bonus: +21% to the specific attribute as table below:
Example: Porian with 7 Stella parts => SPIRIT Attribute get +21%
There is 6 type of Synthesis Porian. Each type of Synthesis has specific combo species parts
  • Got the correct combo of parts to follow the table
  • The body part must be the correct part of the Synthesis type
  • Parts of Porian must fulfil the correct species of the Synthesis type following table
Power Bonus:
*Body parts with Aqua Species don't have Synthesis Hidden Power
For SYNTHESIS Type 1, You need to have a Porian with Mysteria Body, All-part-combo requires ( Mysteria + Ancia ) => Critical and Strength attributes will get +14%