Porian Species

In the Poriverse, there are 7 species of Porians named Terra, Aqua, Magica, Mecha, Ancia, Stellar, and Mysteria. These species mutually impact each other’s existence, and so does their power.


Adorable-looking but very powerful Porians with the ability to control natural terrain. Terra has the highest defense which helps increase their survivability in battles.


The Ancia species has the ability to perceive and control time as well as their own age. They live for a long time before death and reincarnation.
This species has the greatest physical attack resistance stats, which might result in severe physical harm.


The Stella species has the ability to generate and manipulate light. They can withstand magic attacks.


The mysterious Porians with the ability to create anything from their imagination and reality. They specialize in manipulating magic to attack their opponents.


The Aqua species has the ability to control water in various forms. These Porians have the highest health stats, resistance ability, and intense vitality.


The Mecha species spends their time using machinery to craft wonderful things: Strong weapons, mining machines, or even music boxes that soothe the soul. Attack speed is their biggest advantage.


The Mysteria is an unknown species in the Poriverse. The Mysteria always make surprises in battles; they can unleash high damages and defenseless attacks on their opponents.