Poriverse Story

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious world called the Poriverse where seven different species of Porians lived together in peace. Each species had its unique power, all of which were connected to the colors of the Rainbow. To create light and life to all the living things in the Poriverse, and protect the Porian species from the Dark Monsters - an evil, warlike race that has always been eager to invade the Poriverse, 7 mighty Porians of the 7 Porian species have joined together to create the Power of the Infinity Rainbow (PORI). That pure PORI energy has maintained peace in the Poriverse for thousands of years.
One day, PORI got lost. A world without PORI. Pure energy no longer existed in such a peaceful world; everything got dull and lifeless. The Poriverse was invaded by the Dark Monsters. Therefore, the Porians would have to reunite and regain the PORI, fight with Dark Forces and restore light and rainbow power to save the Poriverse from doom.