Nightly Game Assistant


Nightly Game Assistant (NGA) is a feature to support players to continue their missions while they are sleeping at night. The idea is to support players to play Poriverse 24/7 without sacrificing their sleep.

How it works

To enjoy the Nightly Game Assistant feature, users have to:
  • Stake RIKEN and/or RIKEN/MATIC-LP into special pools, called Nightly Game Pools. The value of staked assets will determine the number of games NGA will play for you.
  • Deposit MATIC to the NGA contract to pay the transaction fee (that includes starting the mission, fortifying the mission, and claiming the rewards).
  • Define the night shift, which is the start time and end time of the day you want NGA to play for you. The duration of the night shift is at most 6h.
  • Activate the NGA feature.
The NGA contract will dispatch Porians to explore missions on behalf of users. Rewards will be distributed to the user's wallet when missions have been completed.
All the Porians are still in the users' wallet. There is no need to transfer the Porians to wallets nor contracts to enjoy this feature.
(*) This feature is in the early stage. All details could be changed in the future without any further notice.


This feature is in incubation period and its delivery date is not yet confirmed.