Play to Earn Mechanism

Users can explore all the environment lands, enter special dungeons which vary every week, the tower that rewards every month, etc... The PVE mode will drag users into plentiful skills of Porians. And a lot of play modes are available, depending on your playing experience.

Play to Earn Guidance

  • With the Lost Porians and Mysterious Gems we found in Chapter 1: The Lost Porians and Chapter 2: The Lost Gems, the way to achieve the Power of Rainbow Infinity has been revealed.
  • Have your own strategy and use Porian skills to defeat the Dark Forces, recover the Power of Rainbow Infinity and earn your rewards.
  • Each Porian has different skills with different trigger types (passive skill, active skill, ultimate skill) and different skill styles (supporter, healer, physical damage dealer, magical damage dealer, defender, etc.). The more you play, the better you get!
  • Form your Porians with different combos and have different team powers. The main gameplay utilizes team-based tactical combat, where players control a group of Porians using their skills in a turn-based strategy battle system.
  • If you are a casual player, you can automate the battles; Porians could use skills on their own automatically, but the battles will be much easier if you understand your Porians and control them by yourself.
  • For the highest-level map you fight and conquer against the Dark Forces, you will earn your beautiful rewards every day and every month.

The Poriverse has a simple rule that says, “The more you play, the more rewards you get.”

There are many ways to earn in Poriverse:
  • Fight against Enemies & Other Players
  • Farm & Sell Tokens
  • Explore to find Rare NFT Fragments
  • Breed Rare Porians
  • Sell Porians in the Marketplace
  • Rent Porians in the Marketplace
  • Get Porian Staking Rewards
  • Complete In-Game Quests
  • Join our events and get valuable NFT items
  • Conquer the Tournaments for big rewards.