Rental Mechanism

The Poriverse introduces a novel protocol to lend/rent NFTs at the core level of Porian NFT contracts. By separating the right of ownership from the right of use, the new protocol defines different levels of authorization, allowing NFT owners to let other users use their NFTs in various applications (e.g., Porian games) without losing their ownership. This novel approach opens a new horizon of NFT applications where NFT lending is now supported natively and securely.
The Porian Rental Center and Porian games are the two first pioneers to leverage this innovation to bring a completely new user experience to the NFT gaming industry. Players are no longer required to purchase Porians to enjoy the Poriverse; they could hire Porians instead at an extremely low cost. Thanks to this, the power of NFT technology is getting unlocked. Together with the Poriverse's rental technology, we welcome the new era of NFT applications.